So very very restless. I’ve been holding off updating in hopes of sharing pictures first, but my camera is currently being held for a type of ransom otherwise known as you-left-your-camera-in-my-car-so-come-and-get-it. The nerve.

How was Niagara Falls, no one asks?

  • For now, it will have to go without showing that Niagara Falls is gorgeous and I’ve never seen so many rainbows in my life.
  • A seagull flew into my sister’s head while we sailed on the maids of the mist, she wasn’t injured but I was too preoccupied laughing to appreciate the Horseshoe Falls.
  • I learned that there are more Indian food places in the walking distance to the NY side of Niagara falls than any other cuisine, and that Punjabi Hut had the tastiest lunch.

Unfortunately, I’m off my feet because I jammed two toes. I don’t know how, but it hurts to stand and this will interfere with my running schedule.I did try to continue training in my mind, as a thought experiment. For the record, mind-running is both boring and insufficient exercise.


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