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sleeping with one eye open

Writing a blog feels like standing in an empty room and talking. There’s a recorder in the room, I hit ‘record’, try to make sense of something, hit ‘save’, then leave. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes a nice person googles something, clicks on a link and finds himself falling into my empty room. The door is open so he can leave or hit play. He hits ‘play’ and nods or shrugs then goes on his way, may to wander back and maybe not.

I apologized to my blog for my neglect, it was a private conversation and it forgave me! With that, I am in the empty room opening pages of the last month at random:

  • It’s hot in New York City. On the 4th, I faced the Statue of Liberty while swinging on Governor’s Island. Yes, there are adult swings (and that doesn’t mean something dirty) – they’re raised high and firmly set in the ground. Roseanne Cash played a free concert on the lawn. Most of the songs were selected from a list of 100 Essential Songs that her father made for her. They included Harry Belafonte, Jimmy Rodgers and many that I wish I wrote down. Then we had deliciously frosty pina coladas.
  • Faith No More played one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life at the Williamsburg Waterfront. I don’t know how Mike Patton performed in a velvety red suit when I was melting in a tank top, but he re-set my bar as too many nights in little venues made me forget how good good live music can be.
  • I’m going to stop apologizing for reading women’s fiction. Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand pushed me over. No, I don’t think my boyfriend would like it, at all, but it’s really well written and I loved it.
  • I went to a preview of Grease Sing-along the other night. I was nervous because I grew up loving this movie, and have probably seen it more times than any other film (even my sick movie What About Bob?). They added the lyrics to all the songs in a really fun non-subtitley way, as well as occasional graphics that embellished some of the film’s camp. The good news is that the additions were not intrusive and added to the fun of seeing Grease on the big screen in a theatre full of loud New Yorkers. It’s out on a limited release so if you have the chance, I definitely say go – especially if it plays in a local drive-in.

I don’t remember putting Spain in the finals of my bracket, but I did so apparently I’m tied for first place over a bunch of soccer fanatics. Yay, me.


What is June

Jun is my month to:

  • finish a short story for a July submission
  • interview a favorite comedian for a local story
  • Send out 25 queries
  • Run 80 miles
  • Post on blog daily!

These are my goals and I’m posting them to light a fire under my desk because you know what I love to do in June? I love to spend as much time as humanly possibly by or in the water, which means my self-discipline tries to go on vacation. I travel a lot in the winter and early spring to avoid summer crowds, but I think it’s a human need to be by the water when it’s nice out.