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Reading Young Adult

I never managed to outgrow the children’s books I grew up loving. Anne of Green Gables, A Wrinkle in Time, and Judy Bloom will always have a place at the top of my book shelf – the nice one with the cherry finish, not the cheap particle board shelf that promises to topple over anyday now. These are universally loved books with a number of gorgeous editions, but I’m still holding on to the well worn copies I’ve had since learning to read.

Since finishing Kristin Cashore’s Fire last night, I’m looking at the stack of YA books my younger sister dropped off – and my recent stack of library books. Which to choose?


What is June

Jun is my month to:

  • finish a short story for a July submission
  • interview a favorite comedian for a local story
  • Send out 25 queries
  • Run 80 miles
  • Post on blog daily!

These are my goals and I’m posting them to light a fire under my desk because you know what I love to do in June? I love to spend as much time as humanly possibly by or in the water, which means my self-discipline tries to go on vacation. I travel a lot in the winter and early spring to avoid summer crowds, but I think it’s a human need to be by the water when it’s nice out.


So very very restless. I’ve been holding off updating in hopes of sharing pictures first, but my camera is currently being held for a type of ransom otherwise known as you-left-your-camera-in-my-car-so-come-and-get-it. The nerve.

How was Niagara Falls, no one asks?

  • For now, it will have to go without showing that Niagara Falls is gorgeous and I’ve never seen so many rainbows in my life.
  • A seagull flew into my sister’s head while we sailed on the maids of the mist, she wasn’t injured but I was too preoccupied laughing to appreciate the Horseshoe Falls.
  • I learned that there are more Indian food places in the walking distance to the NY side of Niagara falls than any other cuisine, and that Punjabi Hut had the tastiest lunch.

Unfortunately, I’m off my feet because I jammed two toes. I don’t know how, but it hurts to stand and this will interfere with my running schedule.I did try to continue training in my mind, as a thought experiment. For the record, mind-running is both boring and insufficient exercise.

take that!

into the wind I spit

I have never seen Niagara Falls, and I have the opportunity to do so this week. The only cost to me will be my time, approximately twenty-four hours to drive there, spin around the falls, sleep and drive back.

In the words of a gal I met last week:

I’m spitting into the wind right now.

Niagara has never been top on my list, but it’s there and I want to see it. While my week would be easier if I chose not to go¬† (no 4 a.m. wake-ups, no driving, plenty of time to work on queries and an assignment), I’m going. I have a tendency to let weather and exterior circumstances determine my actions, and I’m making a conscious effort to stop doing this. So I lose some sleep? I’m not the one who has to deal with cranky me.

Last week, in a bay town on Long Island, I noticed that people who live by the sea appreciate weather, but they don’t let it direct their lives. A common wish of the folks running tourist-oriented businesses is for weathermen to reverse their predictions from “Rainy with a chance of sun” to “Sunny with a chance of rain”.

On another note, I picked up Rain Dogs at the 5th Avenue fair this weekend while drinking Sangria and listening to a local British invasion cover band, Tru Brit. I am currently using the powers of the internet to both figure out how to make my refrigerator refrigerate once again, and find out what Waits is up to.

Update: my frig is kaput

Update: Tom Waits, per his site, loves Burroughs, “He’s like a metal desk. He’s like a still, and everything that comes out of him is already whiskey.”

On another another note, in the words of my bff, goat horns of sadness about Ronnie James Dio.

back, but not really

It’s taking me a few days to mentally return from a three-day trip to Greenport, a little seaport town on the tip of Long Island a few miles from north fork wine country. I’ll post more about this trip in a few days.

Though much has been written about Greenport, I always associated the eastern shores of Long Island with all things high end, i.e. a trip not for me. But honestly, you can have a fun, affordable time anywhere if you’re resourceful and don’t require food. I will say the restaurant and deli prices were triple what they are in Brooklyn, but we eventually found some hidden gems.

I did miss going to the Jersey shore this past weekend, as it was a tradition for the past few years. I’m thinking that I may actually try to go there this year when the water’s warm enough for swimming.

As you may be able to tell, my brain is still sitting on a back porch overlooking a vineyard wondering if 11 a.m. is too early for a second flight of wine tasting. For us, the trick to enjoying a number of vineyards in one day: cycling. We were forced to pace ourselves because we were traveling by bike on a main road with plenty of shoulder space for a sober rider.

Bedell Vineyard

I have to agree with Albert Einstein

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”

-Abert Einstein

Come to think of it, I won’t clear off my desk. Thanks, Mr. Einstein.